Bartimaeus Institute Online (BIO)

BIO is a series of online, tailored classes and courses developed around BCM's key themes. Our 'A-level' classes can be undertaken individually, while our 'B-level' class is best taken after the A-level classes. 

Classes consist of 4 of 5 weeks of content, though they can be undertaken at your own pace, individually or in a group. They include a mix of new and previously published content, comprising recorded audio talks and video presentations, as well as published articles, all arranged around week-by-week thematic study topics. 

Each class also has weekly questions which assist with group study. The list of available classes is below. We also run annual BIO Study Cohorts which combine the online BIO material with in-person attendance at a Bartimaeus Institute and a BIO Cohort only colloquia.

Prices start at US$30 for each class.

BIO Classes Available

A01 Radical Discipleship

We explore the key themes and ideas behind Radical Discipleship - great for anyone new to this way of understanding the Gospel and/or looking for ways of explaining it friends.

A02 Restorative Justice

We introduce Restorative Justice principles and practices and explain how these principles can be applied to a variety of issues.

A03 Sabbath Economics

We explain the basis and basics of Sabbath Economics.

A04 Biography as Theology

One of the best ways of deepening our understanding of the Radical Discipleship journey is by hearing the stories of those that have gone before us on the journey and those who are living it out in their lives today.

B01 Watershed Discipleship

Highlights Ched's framing of WD, then profiles a dozen theologian-practitioners under 40 who are working on a variety of WD expressions. Introduces each contribution to the recent anthology edited by Ched entitled Watershed Discipleship: Reinhabiting Bioregional Faith and Practice.

Annual BIO Study Cohorts

Each year we take a small group of people - our study Cohort - through each of the introductory classes that comprise BIO. In addition to online gatherings to discuss the material, the study cohort also includes two in-person gatherings.

If you have your own group that meets our size requirements, we may be able to tailor a study cohort for you.


(right; Our first "feminary" cohort with Ched and Elaine)