• Elaine Enns, DMin, a Canadian Mennonite, is an educator, writer, facilitator and trainer in conflict transformation. She focuses on how restorative justice applies to historical violations, including issues of intergenerational trauma and healing. You can learn more about her Life & Activism and find her articles at chedmyers.org and her books here.

  • Ched Myers, an ecumenical activist theologian, is a popular educator, writer, teacher and organizer, committed to animating and nurturing church renewal and radical discipleship, and supporting faith-based movements for peace and justice. Find his blog, many articles, webinars and a few audio recordings at chedmyers.org. You can also find out more about his Life & Activism there. Ched's books are available for purchase on this site.

  • Chris Wight - Communications & Admin

    Chris sits behind the curtain, pulling the levers in the BCM office in Oak View, CA. Working part time there he is a jack of all trades. Chris hails from down under (Australia), and has been living in Southern California since 2011, and right next door to BCM world headquarters since 2013.

  • Deb Pendrey - Bookkeeper

    Oak View local Deb joined the BCM team in 2017. She served as Director of the Ojai Valley Green Coalition for 8 years, and now brings her accounting expertise into the BCM office several times a month.