BCM is a "Community Supported Ministry," meaning that contributing to us financially entitles you to a "share in the harvest" of our work.  Donors receive our monthly "Partners' Circle Enews," three resource mailings each year, and email updates about new publications, media, Institutes and other events.

We invite you to become a shareholder in this gospel ministry.  You can make a tax-deductible donation in three ways:

  • Online: Donate via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card by clicking the "Give Now" button below and following the instructions.
  • Electronically through your bank account: Because Paypal takes 2.2% of all online donations, you can set up (on your bank’s website) a one-time or recurring donation through your account - contact us for details.
  • Old School: Mail a check payable to: Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries, PO Box 328, Oak View, CA 93022. We’ll even send you pre-addressed envelopes if you’d like (just ask!).

We appreciate your support! 

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Issues with PayPal

Are you in Canada and the PayPal link isn't working?

It is unclear why, or whether this is a problem for all users, but some of our Canadian donors have had trouble with the donation link above. If you are in Canada and can't use the above link, please try this one: DONATE.  If you still have troubles or are in a different country and either link isn't working, please email Chris.

PayPal not available in Palestine

It has been brought to our attention that PayPal is not available in Palestine and thus, some of our supporters have chosen to boycott PayPal until that changes. We have investigated the issue and our response is available HERE.

Increase the power of your donation

Gifts of appreciated shares of individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds increase the power of your support for BCM. By donating the full value of the shares, you avoid capital gains taxes. If you’re interested in finding out more about the process and whether this donation method is right for you, more information is available here.