The Bartimaeus Study Fellowship

Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries offers study fellowship opportunities ranging from a weekend to two weeks for persons or a committed couple over 25 years of age. This fellowship focuses on learning about and working in the radical discipleship movement for faith and justice, and is discerned and shaped individually, with dates negotiable.

Five days a week are spent in guided study in scripture and theology, movement history and/or social analysis, following a program shaped in conversation with Elaine and Ched and reflecting participants’ interests. Focii are typically reading, writing for feedback, vocational discernment and conversation with Elaine, Ched and visitors; it can include a particular project to be completed. One day a week is spent helping with BCM administrative, communications, hospitality and/or garden tasks (specific project assignments depend upon participants’ skillset). 

Panorama Interior of Croatan West

One day a week is off. Fellows reside at Casa Anna Schulz in Oak View, CA in a one-room backyard cabin (left), with electricity and internet but no running water (bathrooms are inside the main house on the same yard). Oak View is a small, semi-rural, blue-collar town, 10 minutes’ drive from the cities of Ventura and Ojai and an hour and a half north of Los Angeles.

Terms: Fellows pay $450 per person ($650 per couple) per week (pro-rated for fewer days), which covers all room and board. 

Fellows cover their travel expenses to and from Oak View. 

For more detail, see below. If you are interested in a Bartimaeus Fellowship opportunity, please contact us for information on how to apply.

Intern Testimonies

The intern program is no longer running, but you can read these testimonies from past Bartimaeus Interns: