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  • The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics (PDF only)

    by Ched Myers

    First published in 2002, we have just completed a refresh of the Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics booklet.  It is currently available for just US$5.00, in PDF and EBook formats (EPUB and Kindle). To purchase, please email BCM (group discounts apply).

  • Healing Haunted Histories: 

    A Settler Discipleship of Decolonization

    by Elaine Enns and Ched Myers

    In their latest book, Healing Haunted Histories: A Settler Discipleship of Decolonization, Elaine Enns and Ched Myers take on the “ghosts” of settler colonialism, Indigenous displacement, and white supremacy that can be found in many of our family histories — if only we have the courage to look for them.

    Available now direct from Wipf & Stock in the US. In Canada, you can purchase from Common Word bookstore.

  • Binding the Strong Man:

    A Political Reading of Mark’s Story of Jesus

    (20th Anniversary Edition)

    by Ched Myers: $30.00

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    This full-length commentary on Mark’s Gospel uses a socio-literary method to explore Jesus' nonviolent engagement with the Powers of first century Roman Palestine, and the implications of this narrative for contemporary practices of radical discipleship, Considered a classic in the field, the anniversary edition has a new Introduction by Ched and new Forewords by N.T. scholar Obery Hendricks and theologian Sam Wells. Paper, 560pp, bibliography & index. Orbis Books, 1988/2008

On May 16, 2021 Ryon Price, pastor of Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX, took a moment in his sermon to commend Ched’s Binding the Strong Man, echoing the late Daniel Berrigan’s Foreword. Watch that 2 ½ min. clip here.

  • Who Will Roll Away the Stone?

    Discipleship Queries for First World Christians

    by Ched Myers: $33.00

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    This sequel to Binding the Strong Man comprehensively articulates a North American theology of liberation, justice and peace. Paper, 495pp, bibliography & index. Orbis Books. 

    "Still my most important statement of faith and politics," says Myers. Provides a theological framework and social analysis for a variety of issues facing North American Christians, from inner city violence to international imperialism and from immigration to eco-justice.

  • Say to This Mountain:

    Mark’s Story of Discipleship

    by Ched Myers with Marie Dennis, Joseph Nangle, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda and Stuart Taylor: $25.00.

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    A popular version of Ched's "Binding the Strong Man" combined with reflections on the contemporary relevance of Mark's text to today’s context. Ideal for study groups. Paper, 240pp, bibliography & appendices. Orbis Books.

    “A remarkable book…(t)he authors provide timely, compelling, demanding exegesis.”

        — Walter Breuggemann

  • Fe Que Mueve Montañas:

    El discipulado en el Evangelio de Marcos

    by Ched Myers; Translated by H. Horne: $15.00

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    Spanish language edition of Say To This Mountain;  (SEBILA, Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana, 2013). focus on the Markan text. Paper, 244 pp.

  • Ambassadors of Reconciliation, Vol. I:

    New Testament Reflections on Restorative Justice and Peacemaking

    by Ched Myers and Elaine Enns.: $21.00

    Both volumes can be purchased for $33.00 (incl US shipping)

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    This volume offers four N.T. studies on restorative justice and peacemaking (2 Cor 5-6; Mark 1-3; Matt 18; and Ephesians). Paper, 192 pp, Orbis Books.

    “Exceedingly rare and a precious gift to church and world is Myers and Enns’ wondrous mixing of ravenous hunger for justice, patient and practical wisdom in restoring justice and making peace, and consummate skill at biblical interpretation.”

        –Tom Yoder Neufeld (Prof. of N.T., Conrad Grebel University College)

  • Ambassadors of Reconciliation, Vol. II:

    Diverse Christian Practices of Restorative Justice and Peacemaking

    by Elaine Enns and Ched Myers.: $21.00

    Both volumes can be purchased for $33.00 (incl US shipping)

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    This volume offers three social-analytic models and nine profiles of contemporary practitioners of restorative justice and peacemaking. Paper, 190 pp, Orbis Books.

    “People who work in conflict resolution rarely realize the potential restorative justice offers for addressing the justice dynamics inherent in conflict. Likewise, peacemakers may write off justice advocates as trouble-makers, while non-violent activists often see peacemakers as glossing over underlying wrongs. To bring these approaches together, Enns and Myers offer the metaphor of “full-spectrum” peacemaking. …They also challenge us to go deeper. We must also be aware of and address underlying factors that contribute to and shape conflict, such as inequities of power and privilege and structural injustice. Fortunately, the authors offer analytic tools to help understand these dynamics.”

    –    From the Foreword by Howard Zehr

  • Our God is Undocumented:

    Biblical Faith and Immigrant Justice

    By Ched Myers and Matthew Colwell.: $25.00

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    Orbis Books, 228 pp., paperback, with index and bibliography.

    “The stranger has not lodged in the street; I have opened my doors to the sojourner.” (Job 31:32)

    The perspective of the immigrant offers fresh eyes for reading the Bible, which in turns offers a new way of seeing the plight of the stranger and sojourner among us.

    The principle of hospitality and the commandment to welcome the stranger are among the most consistent themes of the Bible. How does that apply to the question of undocumented immigrants in our own country?

    In alternating chapters Myers examines the biblical dimensions of hospitality, sanctuary, the crossing of borders, and God’s predilection for those on the margins, while Colwell relates the stories of immigrants and immigrant rights activists—their hopes, dreams, and sufferings. these are men and women who, by acting upon their common humanity with the “other,” have learned to cross a different kind of boundary.

    "This book will help to shape the theological discourse about immigration in our churches and hopefully the political discourse in our society at large." --Ricardo Moreno

  • Watershed Discipleship:

    Reinhabiting Bioregional Faith and Practice

    EDITED BY Ched Myers: $24.00

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    CONTRIBUTORS: Introduction and Afterword by Ched Myers; Poetry by Rose Berger, Foreword by Denise Nadeau. Chapters by: Sasha Adkins, Jay Beck, Tevyn East, Erinn Fahey, Katarina Friesen, Matt Humphrey, Vickie Machado, Jonathan McRay, Sarah Nolan, Reyna Ortega, Dave Pritchett, Erynn Smith, Sarah Thompson, Lydia Wylie-Kellermann. Cascade Books (Fall 2016) 

    This collection introduces and explores "watershed discipleship" as a critical, contextual, and constructive approach to ecological theology and practice. Features emerging voices from a generation that has grown up under the shadow of climate catastrophe. Watershed Discipleship is a "triple entendre" that recognizes we are in a watershed historical moment of crisis, focuses on our intrinsically bioregional locus as followers of Jesus, and urges us to become disciples of our watersheds.

    Bibliographic framing essays by Myers trace his journey into a bioregionalist Christian faith and practice and offer reflections on incarnational theology, hermeneutics, and ecclesiology. The essays feature more than a dozen activists, educators, and practitioners under the age of forty, whose work and witness attest to a growing movement of resistance and reimagination across North America. This anthology overviews the bioregional paradigm and its theological and political significance for local sustainability, restorative justice, and spiritual renewal. Contributors reread both biblical texts and churchly practices (such as mission, baptism, and liturgy) through the lens of "re-place-ment." Herein is a comprehensive and engaged call for a "Transition church" that can help turn our history around toward environmental resiliency and social justice, by passionate advocates on the front lines of watershed discipleship. 

  • Discipulado de la Cuenca:

    Una introduccion a la fe y la practica biorregionales

    By Ched Myers $15.00 (San Jose, Costa Rica: Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana, 2017).

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    An 80 page primer by Ched on Watershed Discipleship, translated into Spanish and published by UBL.