BIO-A01 Radical Discipleship

This class introduces the idea of Radical Discipleship and explains its origins and how Discipleship presents an alternative to other approaches to faith. The class content:

  • Explains the meaning of radical and argues that discipleship presents a critical, constructive and practical alternative to the prevailing paradigms of faith in the First World context.
  • Presents several Bible studies that probe the roots of the discipleship tradition in the New Testament.
  • Overviews some key practices of contemporary Radical Discipleship communities.

Each of the four weekly modules requires 2-3 hours of viewing/listening/reading time, not including discussion. The class is broken into 4 'weeks' of content, but you can undertake it at your own pace:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Radical Discipleship
  • Week 2: Key Biblical Concepts Undergirding Radical Discipleship
  • Week 3: Toward “Kingian” Faith and Practice
  • Week 4: Reflections on and by Contemporary Radical Disciples

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