BKI 2021: Information for Participants

Post BKI 2021 Follow Up

We will be holding an evaluation and feedback Zoom with no agenda other than to listen: Thursday March 4th, 4pm PST (7pm EST) (we will send the link to all who indicated interest by emailing us)

We would also very much appreciate if you could fill in and online Evaluation Form

You can still add your Re-Covenanting Commitment to our form and we will remind you during Holy Week.

Ched reminded us all that there is a wealth of information on the speakers and contributors in the PROGRAM BOOK.

We have gathered information and contacts from all our LIGHTNING TALKS.

Alison McCrary's slide show of her presentation "Incarnational Engagement with Restorative Solidarity" from Saturday is HERE.

Post-BKI Continuing Engagement

Below is further description of the “Deepening Opportunities” we mentioned on the last day of the BKI.  Here’s the process:

Sign Up using this form by March 1st to let us know your interest;

We’ll send your email to the coordinator/facilitator;

They’ll contact you about the session or series.  

  1. Healing Haunted Histories study group(s).  Starting in April, Elaine will lead a six session intensive study of the book. Groups will be small (6-8 participants) so we can do the intense personal work around decolonizing discipleship, exploring our landlines, bloodlines and songlines. Participants will work independently, then gather biweekly to share learnings about inherited trauma and privilege; denial and moves to innocence; moral injury and assimilation into whiteness. What are stories of violence and conscience on the land where we now live, and convictional traditions of faith that animate practices of restorative justice and healing (including reparations and repatriation)?  How does the legacy of Settler colonialism generate “unclean spirits” that both occupy our places and possess our communities? We’ll think together about how to become more reliable allies in relationships with our indigenous neighbors. Cost TBD. Contact elaineenns@bcm-net.org.
  2. Sabbath Economics Practices with Susan Taylor. The biblical vision of Sabbath Economics is the audacious struggle for sustainable systems in which everyone has enough and no one has too much. As she revises and updates BCM’s 2007 Sabbath Economics: Household Practices booklet, Susan wants to gather stories about daily practices across the “Sevenfold Covenant.” In one or two sessions she’ll invite participants to share their stories or to put her in touch with others she should talk to. Contact: susan.katie.taylor@gmail.com

  3. Bartimaeus Institute Online Cohorts. BIO consists of two rounds (4-5 sessions each) that overview a theology and practices of radical discipleship. Though these can be studied individually, BCM has facilitated several cohorts over the last few years. If you are interested in joining a cohort, contact Chris at inquiries@bcm-net.org

  4. Freedom Seminary @ the CDF Proctor Institute 2021.  We highly recommend that you attend this year’s summer Institute, which will again be online (July 19-23). We are looking to recruit a few individuals who would like to also participate in the Dale Andrews Freedom Seminary as an “organizers cohort.” This cohort will join seminarians in working through a syllabus, while meeting with Ched, Elaine and Charlene Sinclair in supplementary sessions. You do not need to be a seminarian, but willing and able to do deeper intensive study before and during that week.  Contact chedmyers@bcm-net.org

  5. Gospel of Mark in Year B with Ched Myers. This year the Revised Common Lectionary focus is on the second gospel.  If you are preaching, teaching or studying Mark this year and want to participate in a study group (size, frequency, duration & cost TBD), contact chedmyers@bcm-net.org

  6. BKI Lenten Gathering on the Powers and Principalities

    Thursday, March 25 8-9:39pm EST on zoom, hosted by Geez magazine If you are not a subscriber, we will send you a free copy of winter issue Geez 59: Powers and Principalities. As we describe today’s struggles through the language of systems, structures, and institutions, our scriptural ancestors spoke of powers and principalities, acknowledging how these more-than-human things took on a kind of creatureliness: a life, a spirit, of their own. In a season where the powers are running rampant, our struggle with them is indeed a matter of life and death.


    Further, we want to encourage each and everyone of you to share your stories, prayers, poetry, photography, art, and any other holy mischievous ideas with Geez. You can sign up HERE to receive our quarterly Call for Pitches.

  7. Hope 4 Humanity with Lisa Bachman. BCM collaborator Bachman is deeply involved with this predominately (but not exclusively) United Methodist effort to stand in solidarity with immigrants . They have four online programs slated for the coming months; to participate contact lisasbachman@gmail.com

  8. Watershed Discipleship book study with Krista Dover. Clean Water for the World coordinator Krista is continuing a book study in our 2016 anthology, which will culminate in a March 17th program. To participate contact kristadover@cleanwaterfortheworld.org.

Deepening Practices of Restorative Solidarity

Final Schedule Here

Key Session Times (all are Pacific Standard Time):

We encourage you to log in 10 minutes early each day.

Friday Feb 12: 3.30pm to 6.50pm (social time to 7.30pm, incl 1 break)

Saturday Feb 13: 2.00pm to 6.15pm (incl 2 breaks)

Sunday Feb 14: 2.00pm to 6.30pm (incl 2 breaks)

Monday Feb 15: 9.00am to 12 midday (incl 1 break)

Zoom Protocols

1. If necessary, please rename your video panel to your registered name. 2 ways to do this:

  • 3 dots in top right-hand corner of your video panel.
  • Or click on “Participants List” button, then in the upper right, click on your name, then select “more,” then select “rename”
  • For small group participants only, be sure to include your group number eg 1-Chris Wight

2. Turn on your video if possible. Helps in creating a good environment, especially for small group discussions. However, we will be live for the duration of the Institute, and will record sessions, so if you do not wish to have your image broadcast, turn your video OFF.

3. Keep your mic turned off (called ‘Mute My Audio’ in Zoom). Prevents distracting noise during the meeting. On phones, easy mic-off using *6

4. Use “chat” function (panel appears on right side) to let the Zoom Producer know if you need help/assistance.

5. Locate the reactions button and be comfortable using them.

6. For those going into small groups, immediately make note of your group number and facilitator’s name. This will help us get you reconnected if you have to sign-in again.

7. Trigger Warnings: Because our program is mostly live, with a variety of voices discussing serious matters, there may be trauma triggers. Similarly, the Memorial session will contain a few images of people who have passed away that some may need to avoid because of cultural protocols. Please practice discretion and self-care.


What to look out for - the details...

Besides our awesome BKI2021 lineup of keynote resource persons, we are excited to offer:

  • Arts Breaks:  This may be the best part of the BKI! We have carefully-curated music, poetry/spoken word, dance and visual art spread throughout the program by brilliant friends and colleagues in the Movement. We are excited to share them with you, and invite you to give your full attention to these pieces, each of which are rich, powerful, and illuminating of our themes. Be sure and check your Program Book (coming on Wednesday) for more information on these artists (as well as about our amazing speakers).

  • Friday’s “World Premier” party.  We’ll celebrate the interstellar debut of three great expressions of faith and justice: Zehnder Brothers’ new song “Billion Feet”; a short film about The Abundant Table from Josh & Grecia Lopez Reyes’ EcoJustice Project; and Elaine & Ched’s new book Healing Haunted Histories!  Bring something to toast with!

  • Saturday’s Memorial Service.  We will commemorate the lives and work of three beloved elders: Gloria & Ross Kinsler (after whom our Institute is named) and Murphy Davis. We will also hold some moments of silence for all those who have died during the last year from the twin plagues of Covid 19 and 1619 (those victimized by racist police and political violence).

  • “Mingle Rooms.”  Aside from the aforementioned Small Group option we’ll provide options for informal visiting. On Monday evening Tim will open up an optional “after hour” room for folks to hang out with informal, unfacilitated breakout rooms; if you want to participate, just stay on until 6:45 pm PST and he’ll put you in. Tim will also offer that option during the Q&A period after each plenary presentation if you prefer to visit informally: you’ll need to message him in the chat to be put in a mingle room when Small Groups begin.
  • “Lightning Talks.” On Saturday and Sunday evenings our program will conclude with a dozen or so folks offering brief updates on their work. It’ll be a good time to catch up and chat them up, so don’t miss it!

  •  Get up and Dance!  Each day’s program will conclude with a “dance party” song to celebrate our community (a BKI tradition)!  This is a moment to unmute yourself, make sure your video is on, get up as you’re able and dance together: Party Hat, Dancing Shoes, jewelry, etc. are strongly recommended!!

  • Monday’s Closing Liturgy: Also traditional at the BKI is a concluding worship service, which will include:
  • Re-covenanting. Rev. Elizabeth Gibbs Zehnder will lead a time of personal re-commitment: What are your next steps in your discipleship of decolonization?
  • Re-membering. Rev. Bob Two Bulls will preside over a Communion ceremony (Wednesday’s email will have instructions on what elements to bring). Note: If you wish to opt out of this Christian ritual, let Tim know by chat and he’ll put you into a Mingle Room for this period with others wishing to explore alternative expressions.
  • Re-Commissioning: Our elder Deacon Harry Lafond will send us out with a charge to continue “deepening our restorative solidarity.”