Thomas Fire in Ventura County

12/14/2017 11:25AM

Dear friends of BCM:

Thanks to all of you who have called, texted and emailed your concerns about the Thomas Fire. As you can see from this map, Oak View (we are right where the town name is) has been spared, but many people have lost homes in the county and the hillsides are devastated. Fires in our immediate area have mostly died down, but as of today are still spreading northwest toward Santa Barbara, and there are others around the state. 

Here the smoke remains thick and the air quality poor, and the ash like a snowdusting; substantial clean-up remains ahead of us. We are home (wearing particulate masks and running an air purifier) and back to work. We are, however, behind, so we will respond to your emails (especially regarding the February Institute) as quickly as we can. If you are interested, check daily with our Facebook page for updates on the fire drama. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. 

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