Wherever possible we have tried to use on this site photos, images and art produced by our staff or friends and artists (including those who have served as artist-in-residence at our Bartimaeus Institutes). Other images we have tried to attribute correctly.

We have reproduced some of these images on this page for your viewing pleasure!

Photos from the Ventura River Watershed by Chris Wight

As well as serving as admin and communications guru in the BCM office, Chris is an avid amateur photographer who has gathered a range of images from around the Ventura River Watershed and nearby Los Padres National Forest. Images show both dry and wet seasons, summer and winter in this brittle coastal chaparral environment.

Work by Ted Lyddon-Hatten at Casa Anna Schulz and the 2015 Festival of Radical Discipleship

Ted Lyddon-Hatten is an artist, theologian and Methodist pastor in Des Moines, where he is Director of the Wesley Foundation and adjunct professor at Drake University. His work is multidisciplinary and often ephemeral. Here we present a few of his works produced for BCM.

Charlotte Myers

Ched's mom Charlotte is a longtime California artist who has worked in many media.  Three of her pieces have been used as book covers by BCM and our our friends, and many others have been distributed around the movement, not to mention the many works that adorn Casa Anna Schulz. You can see some of her digital prints here.

Chris Wight at the 2017 Kinsler Institute

For 2017, BCM staffer Chris Wight took on the role of artist in residence, bringing his Lego® building expertise to the Institute. Participants joined in the construction of an 11 foot high 'Tower of Empire' (Chris is 6'2 for comparison). Participants attached images and words describing their fears and concerns to this tower, which loomed over plenary proceedings. On the last night of the Institute, however, the tower was transformed by green into the 'Tree of Life,' the fears and concerns replaced with leaves of hopes, dreams and actions. (Photos by Clancy Dunigan)

Community Altar, February 2014 Kinsler Institute

John Jensen, Raquel Jensen and Chris Wight led a four-part interactive contemplation exercise which complemented the Institute theme of Jesus' Wilderness Temptations. Participants built a tent-city and community "Tabernacle in the Wilderness" and bought their hopes and fears to the altar.  They then dealt with Empire's reaction to grass-roots discipleship. 

The image at right is part of a tryptich on the story of Jesus healing blind Bartimaeus.  This image was created in conversation with Ched's exegetical work, and is used by permission as one of our Bartimaeus "logos." 

View and learn more about Charles' work here.