Bartimaeus Institute Online (BIO) Study Cohort

Second FEMINARY BIO Cohort 2016-17
    Sept 2016 - April 2017

Our second BCM BIO cohort will be a “hybrid” course that engages the theology and ethics of Elaine Enns and Ched Myers.  It consists of

  • Two in-person Institutes (Oct 2016 in Saskatoon, SK and Feb 2017 in Oak View, CA), 
  • Five online classes (BIO-A01 thru A04 and BIO-B01), and 
  • monthly online conversations. 

Participation requires an average of 3-4 hours per week of study and discussion, and includes a final project (we estimate that course material is equivalent to six units of seminary curriculum). Tuition is $750 (which includes full registration for both Bartimaeus Institutes), and seminary credit is available through St. Andrews College, Saskatoon Theological Union (for an additional fee). 

Particpation is for female identifying persons aged 40 years and younger - Limit ten participants.

See FLYER here. (PDF)

The SYLLABUS is available here. (PDF)

REGISTRATION is NOW CLOSED - stay tuned for future Study Cohorts or contact us to find out how you can organize a study cohort.


Testimonies from the first Feminary Cohort (2015-16):

Sarah Holst:

The best part of being a part of the inaugural BIO cohort was making connections and sharing from the heart with other women doing work within the intersection of seminary, sanctuary, streets, and soil.  As we read and watched the content created by BCM with one another I experienced Kingdom sisterhood.  The power of being together in this struggle, being held, seen, heard and challenged, will continue to grant me courage as I go deeper into my calling journey.

Grace Aheron:

Every day I think about how my body moves through the world and what power it does and doesn't carry. Every time I swipe my credit card I wonder what shock waves my transaction is sending out into the world. While these types of meditations threaten to overwhelm and render me immobile, I know that there are other powerful, beautiful peers processing the same issues. Being a part of the Feminary was deepening, challenging, and nourishing both spiritually and politically for me, and I loved being able to process the material each week within the safety, love, and support of our virtual circle.

Adella Barrett:

As a young adult on a hiatus from conventional theological study, engaging the material of BIO with a cohort allowed me to continue exploring pressing social and political questions from a place of discipleship, at a pace and with a flexibility that lent itself to a full schedule. The material is varied and invites participants to reflect theologically, politically and personally on how our convictions intersect with the crises of our time. The BIO cohort was a rich and formative experience that provided space to answer important questions communally while provoking further issues to explore.